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Contact Us

You can use our tech support email support at swifttodolist dot com.

If you are a subscriber, you can also use the contact form in your account, which is the preferred way to contact us since we will be able to identify you immedietaly and guarantee you our fast response.

Q: How should I contact you with my request or question to get priority support?

A: If you have a Swift To-Do List Online account, you should always contact us from the account using the Contact Support form in the Support window to get priority support. You can open the Support window by clicking the Support button in the main toolbar. Then go to the Contact Support tab, pick the most appropriate request type from the list, fill in your question or request and send it to us. We will answer you as soon as possible.

Q: Can we export our tasks and project from Swift To-Do List?

A: You can export all your tasks, to-do lists and projects with their notes and settings into HTML or CSV in the Print and Export dialog. You can open the dialog by clicking the Export button in the main toolbar. Should you need to export your data in other format please don't hesitate to contact us.

Q: I accidentally deleted a to-do list, task or user. Is there a way to undo this?

A: To-do lists, tasks and users physically stay on our servers for a few more days after you have deleted them so if it's not too late it is possible to restore them. However we cannot restore any relationships between to-do lists and users as this information is always removed promptly. If you need to restore any data please contact us via the Contact Form in the Support dialog in your account.

Q: How can I add, modify or delete users with access to my account?

A: There is a button People in the main toolbar. When you click it, new window with a list of users in your account will show up. If you want to add a new user, just click the Add User button and fill in the form, if you want to modify an existing user, select the line with his name by clicking it and use the button Edit User, or use the button Delete User if you want to delete user from the list. Deleted users won't be able to log in into your account anymore.

Q: How can I upgrade or downgrade my account?

A: If you want to upgrade or downgrade your account, we need to assist you but it's still a simple process. Just go to your account, click the Support button in the toolbar menu, then go to the Contact Support tab, select the appropriate request type from the list and send your request. We will e-mail you with further instructions.

Q: How can I cancel my account?

A: If you don't want to use your account anymore, just click the Support button in the toolbar menu and then click the Cancel subscription button. Since we use PayPal to proccess payments, you will be redirected to the PayPal webpage where you can confirm the cancellation by following their simple instructions.

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