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Swift To-Do List 7 (new!)

Number one to-do list software for your Windows desktop.

Swift To-Do List Online

Team or personal online to-do list tool in your web browser.

People love our task management software. Download it and find out why.

The Swift To-Do List is exceptionally well thought out. It is certainly the finest ToDo, Task, Goal, Project Management tool around. Congratulations on your programming skills, your country seems to be the home of many programming geniuses.
Chuck Gallozzi, Canada
I just wanted to let you know how much I love this tool! My staff now uses Swift To-Do List and they also love it. Congrats on creating a powerful and easy to use application. Between your support and your product, I am extremely excited. You guys are GREAT!
Tim H., USA
<b>Swift To-Do List is simply the best to-do software to be found.</b> <br /><br /><b>I have tried them all</b> and it has the <b>perfect</b> combination of features and ease of use. The best part is being able to customize my lists by dragging and dropping, as well as by manual adjustment. <b>I love it!</b>
Dr. Chris S, USA
I am using your software To-Do List since some time. It's terrific. I have tried for many to do lists... but this gives it the task assignment which is amazing. Thank you for this software!
Raghu J., India
I've only recently started using the Swift To-Do List and have been really enjoying it. The simplicity of finding and sorting tasks is fantastic! Thank you for producing such a fantastic package.
Greg M, USA
Do you know, I've been looking for To Do software like yours for almost 15 years? Intuitive, practical, interactive. Who would have thought it would take so long to find! In fact, it makes me happy to use it. How's that for practical?! Thank you!
Darryl B. USA
Once again, thanks for the software. In complex program management like I do with lots of projects in parallel, I tried a lot of software but cannot use something else that Swift To do list for the common work. It is simple, efficient and powerful. Keep on the great job.
Olivier R.
I had mastered it in about 10 minutes. When I started thinking "I wish it could do this" - I soon discovered that it DID do it! Thank you so much - I feel more organized already!
Bruce F, USA
I LOVE this software - it is EXACTLY what I have been looking for for so long!! THANKS!!
Gabrielle F, USA
Your customer service is off the charts... kudos to you.
Dawn P, USA
Wow! You've created a fabulous tool for organizing... not just tasks but ideas, resources, books, files, sheet music, lots of things. Swift To-Do is easy to use and VERY effective.
Bob M., USA
Very very close to perfect! This is one of the few programs that's WORTH the money.
Dale S., USA

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Swift To-Do List 9.127 released!

Tue, January 20, 2015

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Swift To-Do List app for iPhone and Android released!

Fri, January 2, 2015

The official Swift To-Do List mobile app for iPhone and Android has been released! You can get the app for iOS at Apple App Store or for Android from Google Play. Don't confuse the new mobile app with the old one called "Swift To-Do List Inbox". The [...] (read more...)

Beta testers wanted for attachments sync

Tue, December 16, 2014

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Swift To-Do List 9.123 released!

Mon, November 10, 2014

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